Laura Petersen

RERM / Mediator

Laura Petersen

Laura Petersen


For over 2 decades, Laura Petersen has been bringing a peaceful resolution to real estate disputes. To every case, she brings her natural compassion, dedication, and determination and combines it with vast experience and education as a certified mediator.

Her experience, education, and reputation enabled her to put together a panel of over 250 attorneys throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii willing to assist her and Real Estate Risk Management Inc.’s clients in a variety of legal related matters. Her success rate mediating 1000s of disputes is due in no small part to her confident and calming personality. Susan Karcher, a client describes Laura as “always a pleasure to talk with, very knowledgeable and helpful. Her compassion for what she does really shows through her calm, patient and comforting demeanor.”

Clients and legal counsel commented on how Laura always finds time to volunteer her wealth of mediation expertise to every situation she finds herself. As a certified mediator, she is privileged to volunteer for the Civil Division of the Sacramento County Superior Court, where she works with Judges to mediate agreements that keep parties from having to issue restraining orders. She has obtained the respect of several courts by maintaining one of the largest success rates mediating cases while juggling large court files.

Laura Petersen’s career has become a personal passion to help Realtors, walking them through the emotional turmoil of disputes and lawsuits. She is also a roving ambassador, speaking throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada about Risk Management and the importance of mediation. She is a valuable asset to Real Estate Risk Management Inc., supervising team members, making sure that they are educated, experienced, and compassionate to the needs of our clients.


Real Estate Risk Management, Inc. Exclusive for Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. Clients:

Buyer and Seller Legal and Dispute Resolution Services Available to Qualified Brokers and Agents in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii.

  • Legal Consultation and Document ReviewBefore the close of escrow with no pre-payment of feesThis invaluable service will assist you in overcoming the legal obstacles that may impede, delay or destroy your sale.
  • Close Escrow Faster, so that you can get paid.  Services can be used multiple times with the same Buyer and Seller.*
  • IF THE ESCROW DOES NOT CLOSE, THERE IS NO FEE!Even if services were rendered.

AFTER the close of escrow your Buyers and Sellers will receive:

  • Telephone consultation with a panel attorney per subject matter (at no charge), for transactional, non- dispute real estate legal questions and document review.
  • A Personal Risk Manager to assist your buyer and seller in any dispute involving the real estate transaction with any third party, after the close of escrow.
  • Mediation ServicesA Mediator to resolve any dispute between the buyer, seller and any third party involved in the transaction. (This benefit satisfies the mediation clause in your Real Estate contract and can save you thousands of dollars.)