Special Report for Ambitious Real Estate Agents


Special Report for Ambitious Real Estate Agents:
“Why You Should Choose Home Sold Guaranteed Realty
Over Any Other Real Estate Brokerage.”

Features, Advantages, and Benefits!



Your Home Sold Guaranteed, Our Name is Our Promise, IS the Brokerage Name.

The ONLY real estate company with the thing homeowners want above all else baked right into the brand and name, so you can get a steady flow of organic prospects.   Google your name and you will see that you show up in the search results but with no differentiation over other agents. Who gets more sellers attention ‘Your Name, Traditional Real Estate Brokerage’ or Your Name, Your Home Sold Guaranteed, Our Name is Our Promise’?  This gives you a tremendous advantage over other agents. It makes it much easier for you to get business from those who do not know you. All of this results in more commission checks for you.



You are officially Licensed to Market and Implement The One and Only Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program: Your Home Sold at a Price Agreeable to You or I’ll Buy It!*.  

What is better for a seller: one offer or multiple offers?  What is better a lower price or market value price? The Guaranteed Sale Program will help you crush your competition, especially iBuyer companies.  It is much easier to get more listings when your marketing has the words: Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It*.



The $4 Million GCI Business Plan. 

If you can copy you will succeed! Rudy Lira Kusuma, Todd Walters, and Craig Proctor wrote the book on Super Profitable Sales Teams, literally. And Todd wrote the business plan that so many are using today to dominate their market places. Is your plan good enough that you could use it to convince others to buy stock into your business? Every successful business has a legit, proven, business plan.  You will use the Super Profitable Sales Team Business Plan and when fully implemented results in no less than $4 Million in Annual Commission Income. If you are only 25% effective at implementation, that’s $1 Million in annual income. We believe you deserve nothing less!



The Famed Quantum Leap System! The #1 Real Estate Business System in History!

Without a System, you will reinvent the wheel every time. Imagine a real estate system where every issue you face now and in the future, the solution is at your fingertips on demand. You will have a 100% success rate in achieving your goals when you implement this system. There are Three Parts to this SYSTEM: The Lead Generation System. The Lead Conversion System and the Life Time Customer System. In each of these, there are two parts. Here is an infographic that demonstrates the simplicity of understanding and the genius in laying it out for you to copy and implement.


The SYSTEM includes ALL EXCLUSIVE Ads, Scripts, Presentations, Website Landing Pages, Agent Pay Plans, CRM Activity Plans, Profit and Loss Models and more. Everything proven to work and critical to being a Multi-Millionaire Agent Business!  EVERYTHING! If you can copy, you will succeed! How much faster could you grow your business, achieve your big WHY in life if you had every solution to every issue you face right now, at your fingertips, on-demand? That is what you get and you get the coaching from the #1 Millionaire Agent Makers in the World guiding you and coaching you on it!



THE #1 Build a Business that Works Without Your Constant Involvement COACHING and TRAINING in the World Today!

Nicknamed the Millionaire Agent Makers by other industry leaders! The best coaching is NOT to make you better, it’s to make you EXCLUSIVE: First in your prospects mind! It’s to help you achieve YOUR big why. And if you keep having the same issues flare-up in your business, you have `process problems. Team Leaders at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty get Platinum Level Coaching with Craig Proctor, Todd Walters, Rudy Lira Kusuma and Collaboration with hundreds of Millionaire Agents from around North America in the Quantum Leap System. Not basic level, but TOP LEVEL. Platinum Level: Responsible for MORE Millionaire Agents than any other coaching in history! These are Billion Dollar agents who lead the way in Direct Response Marketing, They wrote the BOOK on Super Profitable Sales Team Businesses and know the issues you face and have to solutions to those issues.



Create More Wealth Faster for Yourself and Your Family: The Self Employed Pension and Real Estate Investing Programs. 

You will receive a SEP/Retirement Account if you don’t have one now. In addition, you will discover how to better invest in CASH FLOW real estate. Imagine, waking up in just a few years and having your CASH FLOW from investments exceed your income from real estate sales? If you desire to build true wealth for you and your family, you must invest. No job can ever make you rich. Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is the exclusive real estate company with such built-in programs for agents. You get your own financial coach on investing in your SEP, as well as multi-family and apartment investing.  You will be part of the top 1%, not only in income earned but also in wealth creation, forever escaping living from paycheck to paycheck like the vast majority of Americans do.



GIVE: Cause Marketing Partnerships with Leading Non-Profits. 

We have a Core philosophy at YHSGR that is The Size of the Hole You Receive Thru is Directly Proportionate to the Size of the Hole that You Give Thru. You will be licensed to use the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles’ trademark in your marketing, as well as World Harvest and others.  Telling your audiences that you donate a portion of your income to these very worthy causes, attracts people to you and your business, because of WHO you are…. A GIVER to those who need help the most. In addition, these worthy causes will send each of your clients a special card after closing letting them know a donation has been made on their behalf by you!



We Make You Look Good!  

Your clients will receive a special “Go Serve Big!!!” package after closing with the Go Serve Big!!! trademarked logo T-Shirts and a special letter from YHSGR, letting them know a donation was made to a very worthy cause on their behalf by YOU.



Guaranteed Increase in Income: Earn at least $100K more in the Next 12 Months than you did in the last 12 Months or We’ll Pay You The Difference*  

This is the ONLY guarantee in real estate. How much income did you receive in the last 12 months? Add $100,000 more to it, minimum! You can take that to the bank! You will make more money on each sale and you will increase sales.  Guaranteed! If you do not bring in at least $100,000 in new additional income over what you made in the last 12 months, we will pay you the difference OR refund any and all money you paid YHSGR. All you have to do is implement the system. You are going to be working anyway right? Why not get 3 times or more out of it. EVERYONE increases their income at YHSGR. Make no mistake about it, you WILL earn a lot more money without going insane. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day. You, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Todd Walters, Rudy L. Kusuma, and the homeless person on the street corner asking for help. It’s what you DO with those hours – how you use time – that makes all the difference in the world. The System and Coaching and being around people that understand this concept – will allow you to dramatically increase your productivity and multiply time leveraging exclusive marketing, technology, and people!



Exclusive Zero Resistant Benefit Rich Listing and VIP Buyer Agreements.  

There is no law that says you must use the real estate board forms. That is a standard practice of the industry. If you want to be exclusive, special and important to your customers, you must demonstrate it. Imagine being at a listing appointment, going through your listing presentation, telling the seller how you are different and how you are going to market and advertise their home line no other. They like what you are saying. You then pull out the paperwork – the listing agreement / CAR form. As you go through it, the seller realizes that everything you said you were going to do for them, well NONE of it is in writing in the agreement. And it’s even worse. Your claims of NOT being like all the other agents, that you are different are now in question since the last 3 agents the seller interviewed all pulled out the same forms… said the same things. If you want seriously grow your business, it will require you separating yourself from what the majority of agents do, act, think and practice. There is a reason Builders use their own forms. Our forms are written for Millionaire Agents treating their clients as if they are millionaires. When you start to grow your business, doing more and more business with customers generated from marketing systems, instead of personal contact, you will need to remove ALL skepticism from their minds. These exclusive agreements do that, making it easier for you to get them to sign on the line that is dotted – guaranteeing you your premium fee and their being valued!



The VIP Buyer System: Set Negotiate and Collect Your Premium 3.5% Fee.

Deliver to buyers the ultimate home buying experience! It is no secret that the agents at YHSGR know how to get paid 3.5% on every buyer closing regardless of what if any commission is being offered by the Listing agent or seller. This is critical IF you really want a sales team business. No business person can run a business if they do not know how much money they are going to make on each deal. But the industry norm and standard is to show buyers Listed Houses and accept the commission offered by the Listing Agent/Seller. We reject that in total, just like you do. No one but YOU should limit the income you want to make. Also, how can you have a team of agents you give buyer appointments to, and they not know what they are going to earn? If you do it this way, your agents will steer buyers to Listed Homes that they make an acceptable commission on, thereby limiting the buyers’ selection of homes. As a Team Leader armed with the VIP Buyer System, you will NOT run out and show homes to buyers, instead, you will sit down with them first. Present benefits using an exclusive presentation/orientation. They will eagerly sign your VIP Buyer Agreement. Why? Well, they know that you will get paid no matter what home they buy and THEY won’t have to pay for it. Correct, you will do the same thing Millionaire Agents do… work it into the deal. It’s no big secret that buyers agents’ commissions in MLS are declining and likely to disappear, especially in light of the recent Class Action Law Suit filed by home sellers against Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Core Logic and other companies that force sellers to pay the agent representing the buyer. If you were a seller selling your home, would you be excited about paying the opposing council? That is what the buyers’ agent is… their job by law is to get the buyer the best deal, working against the sellers’ interests. The VIP Buyer System will allow you to amass Buyer Clients, Serve them better, while you earn 3.5% or more on every single buyer closing. This is the only way you will be profitable after you pay your buyers agents. It IS impossible to scale a real estate business without this system. Just ask any failed agent who tried to hire buyers agents, gave them buyers and what the outcomes were. You will be immune to that kind of failure with this system.



The Team System Manual. 

We wrote the book on Super Profitable Sales Team Businesses… literally. So just what does your team look like? Who does what and when? Who do you hire and how to do what and when? What ads do you run to attract team members? What do you pay for them? What are they accountable for? And more, all of it is detailed out in this manual. And you will be coached and trained on it along the way. Imagine buying a Mcdonald’s Franchise and being given the keys to it… and nothing else. You walk on the first day – it’s just you and the building and the equipment… now what? Rudy L. Kusuma, Todd Walters, and Craig Proctor wrote the book, Death of the Traditional Real Estate Agent and Rise of the Super Profitable Sales Team. And EVERYTHING from Recruiting Systems, Hiring Systems, Managing Systems, and Scaling Systems are included in the Team System Manual… Yes, even the Employment Agreements for every person you will ever hire on to your sales team. It is essentially a Super Profitable Sales Team Business franchise in every sense of the word. Again, nothing is theory or ideas. It IS how Rudy L. Kusuma, Todd Walters, Craig Proctor and the vast majority of Millionaire Agents grow and run their business. You will grow faster, make less bad hire mistakes and not waste money following a proven system: The Super Profitable Sales Team Business System. 



EXCLUSIVITY: We Limit the number of agents/teams in the market area.  

If any real estate company is running around, racing to get every real estate agent they can… by definition, they do not have any exclusive systems agents use to get business. Let’s say you took advantage of the USP 4 Page Sales Letter to turn Expireds and FSBO’s into Come List Me’s (a real thing you get at YHSGR). You are getting at least one new listing a week from it. You are happy. Then that same sales letter is handed to another agent that works in your farm area. They send it out to the same prospects. Then it happens again with another agent. How long before your exclusive marketing is no longer exclusive? There is such a thing as stuffing a market. Just ask Subway who had to close several thousand stores globally. Just like you do not see a Chic-Fil-A on every street corner… you WILL NOT see a Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Team Leader on every corner. When you pick up a buyer, what do they say to you? Do they say – hey I will take any home, what do you got? NO! They demand something special – a $1 Million home for $500,000, as an example. This should be a clue to you! Buyers and Sellers WANT something special… so what must you be? Correct! Special, Exclusive… Different than everyone else. Based on research, the Greater Los Angeles marketplace can support around 100 or so Agents earning in excess of $500,000 a year. Consider yourself one of those right now, but $1 Million or more in income! Exclusivity IS how it is done.



Platinum Private Closed Group Facebook Page: Daily networking with the top real estate business professionals in the world today!  

This is the largest gathering of High Six and Seven Figure Income Earners in Real Estate on the Planet! Imagine, networking with and masterminding with the most successful agents in the world today, every day! And NO ONE Holds back on what is working now. That is what you can expect from the very exclusive super-secret Platinum Facebook Page. This is exclusive to Platinum Level Quantum Leap System agents. Do you know how the agents at almost every real estate company keep things close to the vest? That the successful ones never really share or help others at that office? Only surface-level stuff, but nothing deep or super beneficial. The opposite is true at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. The big reason is due to the limited number of agents. So there are no threats. The other is it’s no secret what everyone is doing. Everyone implements the same system. And Everyone is a Platinum Member, networking with and exchanging referrals with hundreds of the most successful agents in the world on the Platinum Private Facebook Group. The average income among the agents in that group is right at $700,000 annually. A quarter to 1/3 earn seven-figure incomes and many have been Quantum Leap System Members, coached by Rudy L. Kusuma, Todd Walters, and Craig Proctor for 10 years. Imagine the #1 agent in the world today giving you their postcard that gets them a listing a day? Imagine getting referrals every month from successful agents across the U.S. and Canada? Imagine posting a question and getting dozens of Millionaire Agents answering it? That IS the Platinum Super-Secret Closed Group Facebook Page! 



The Quantum Leap System Coaching Schedule.  

If you are looking at a blank schedule with a lot of white space, start by filling in the scheduled coaching sessions. Here they are:


  • Daily at 8:30 am – Watch a 5 to 15 min video(s) on quantum leap system sales, management or marketing. Delivered to your inbox every day of every week from Billion Dollar Agents, Todd Walters, and Craig Proctor.
  • Daily at 8 am is the Working with Buyers / Sellers Training with Rudy L. Kusuma.
  • Monday at 11 am is the HelpLine Webinar with Craig Proctor. 
  • Tuesday at 4 pm is the Platinum Webinar with Todd Walters.
  • Wednesday at 12 pm is the Sales Meeting Mastermind with Rudy L. Kusuma.
  • Thursday at 11 am is the Role Play Clinic with James MacDonald. 
  • Friday at 11 am is the Marketing Clinic with Craig Proctor, Todd Walters, James MacDonald, and Blake Cory. 
  • No less than once a quarter, I am at a 3 day Platinum Millionaire Agent Maker Conference.
  • In addition to that, I have scheduled twice a month 30 min sessions with my coach or a super successful Platinum member/mentor – both.
  • In addition to that, I have 30 mins scheduled daily to network with Platinum members on the Platinum Private FB page.
  • Once a month we host the YHSGR Team Leader Masterminds, live coaching, and mastermind.



Sounds like a lot of time learning? Add up the hours here: It’s about 10 hours a week on LEARNING what to do and how to get it done. I can’t imagine wanting a world-class business that my family deserves, my future self will thank me for, and NOT investing time into discovering, learning, daily, regularly what to do and how to get it done (gaining clarity).


What this does is create a habit of learning, programs the brain to think bigger, focus on the outcomes and goals AND set an example for anyone following you.



The Members Only Coaching Site. Every solution to Every Problem or Issue you face right now in your business and you will face in the future – EVERY SOLUTION ON DEMAND – Guaranteed.

Imagine having every ad, script, presentation, resource, how-to, etc at your finger-tips, on-demand. That is the Platinum Quantum Leap System and Coaching Platform. In fact, if you can ever identify an issue in your business where the solutions are not on the coaching site, we will refund 100% of any money you have paid YHSGR! This is a BOLD claim, but that does not mean it is not true. It is. These amazing things DO exist. And NOW it exists for you. Having every answer to your questions about getting business and growing your business and scaling your business will ensure the achievement of your BIG goals.  



The People Committed to You Achieving Your Hearts Desire.

Almost every real estate company has good people working at it or running it or both. But what makes the people at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty different is simply the experiences they bring. These experiences are for you, to help you cut years off of the learning curve to establishing a super-profitable sales team business. 



Rudy L. Kusuma, CEO of YHSGR California.  

Rudy’s personal mission statement is Go Serve Big! Rudy is the most successful agent to implement Your Home Sold Guaranteed or I’ll Buy It* into the Greater Los Angeles marketplace. He personally works with Todd Walters, who invented RBID during the housing recession which led to his business so valuable, he was able to sell it at a time when real estate was at a low. He co-authored the book with Craig Proctor and Todd Walters, Death of the Traditional Real Estate Agent, Rise of the Super Profitable Sales Team. Rudy L Kusuma, Todd Walters, and Craig Proctor have coached most of the #1 Real Estate Agents in the World with their Respective Franchises including RE/MAX’s and KW’s and C-21 and Realty Executives. You get Rudy L. Kusuma, whose real estate sales team business didn’t just earn $1 Million a year, he NETTED $1 Million after all expenses. Rudy is the CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty California. The FIRST real estate company to name the brokerage after a direct consumer benefit.  


Rudy loves investing in real estate and owns income-producing properties in several states. In addition to loving his work, Rudy loves his family and they reside in Temple City, CA.




Craig Proctor, Founder of the Quantum Leap System and The Millionaire Agent Maker.  

Not All Real Estate Trainers Are Equal. Unlike other real estate trainers (who haven’t been in front of a real buyer or seller for decades, if ever), Craig Proctor’s dual-track record as both a #1 Top Agent (twice #1 for Re/Max Worldwide) and #1 Top Real Estate Coach in North America (Proctor’s real estate system has created more Millionaire Agents than any other coach or trainer) makes him THE obvious choice for agents determined to thrive financially without high lifestyle costs. Endorsed by industry leaders from all franchises, Craig is described by business guru Michael Gerber as “a visionary who reinvented the job called real estate and someone who teaches agents about freedom rather than about work.”



The Culture.  

It’s no secret that less than 2% of all real estate agents earn in excess of $250,000 a year. What if a real estate company came along and decided that it would accomplish the opposite. What if 100% of all the agents earned OVER $500K, $1 Million or more annually. The income is amazing, but it only happens AFTER agents get customers and do 5-star review work for their clients. This can only be done with a culture that SEES this as the way it should be, then works everything around it happening. What if your commission check were something more like a trophy or certificate. You could not pay your bills with it. What if you could ONLY pay your bills, eat, and sleep indoors with 5 Star Reviews. No 5-star review – no eat. No shelter. No bills paid. What would a business look like, be like, act like if it made the 5-star review the actual currency? That is the best description of the culture at YHSGR. EVERYTHING is done with the END in mind. Not the commission check being the end, but the Life Time Customer being the end game. Then reverse engineering everything back to THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. This requires a strong belief system and core values that support NOT doing things the way the majority do them and NEVER EVER doing anything that resembles average. A business Built for and Supporting Agents who want to be more than just real estate agents… they desperately, impatiently want MORE. Be more, do more, make more, give more. An abundance mentality vs scarcity thinking. To change lives vs do transactions. That is the culture and you get to help build it! 



“We can quantum leap anyone’s real estate business, in any market place, at any time – GUARANTEED!” – Rudy L. Kusuma


To schedule a private backstage tour of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, call Rudy Lira Kusuma direct at (626) 789-0159