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We are the exclusive managing broker for RBID properties. RBID stands for Realty Bid Systems. This system is designed to create a greater perception of value for prospective buyers and buyers agents. Each RBID home carries a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee that guarantees the Buyers satisfaction with the purchase of their home. If they are not satisfied within a full 24 months of purchase, we will resell the property for free. RBID homes also come with a 12 month home warranty against defects as well. Better yet, buyers can not make offers on RBID homes, they bid on them through a unique and hassle free auction like bid system. To qualify for this auction like sales system, your home must be a very good value – this is usually accomplished simply by just eliminating any negotiating or speculation room to insure an aggressive asking price. You reserve the right to reject any bids unacceptable to you.



RBID Homes have been certified by industry experts to be the best deals and the best homes available on the market today. So much so that if within a full 24 Months of purchase your buyer is not satisfied with their purchase, we will resell the home for free. RBID properties include corporate owned, distress sales, builder close outs, divorce sales and other motivated sellers. The property also carries a warranty against defects. These homes are bought through a unique bid process and each home absolutely will be sold. The bid deadline is 2:00pm this Friday so please get your Bid in asap. These homes go quick.  


“Titanium Certified RBID” Properties Include Foreclosures, Bank Owned Properties, Builder Closeouts, Corporate Owned Homes, Divorce Sales, Property Exchanges, Distress Sales and other highly motivated sellers.


“Titanium Certified RBID” homes have been certified by industry experts to be the best deals and the best homes available on the market today.


Some “Titanium Certified RBID” Homes come with a Warranty against defects! Some Buyers receive a FREE 12 month Home Owners Warranty protecting them against mechanical defects.


Hassle Free Bid Process! Buying an “Titanium Certified RBID” home is easy and hassle free. Through a unique and hassle free bid process, the home buyer has ample time to preview the property, make any inspections, initiate any and all proper due diligence and secure the property under contract for a smooth on time closing.


All interested buyers submit a bid, prior to the bid deadline. All bids received prior to that time will be reviewed by the Seller and responded to according to the offer, terms and deadlines. All bids submitted must be on a Realtor Board Approved Purchase and Sale Agreement. All amendments and exhibits must also be submitted with the bid on Realtor Board Approved forms.

If the “Titanium Certified RBID” property is being listed as active in the local MLS as well as advertised as available on this web site, then the property is available for bids. Please be aware that multiple offers may be submitted. Total number of bids as well as any offer terms will not be disclosed.

Make your bid on this website before the bid deadline to the listed agent. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of your offer from the agent, please contact them directly by phone or email.

If you would like to receive a seller’s property disclosure or you have any questions about an “Titanium Certified RBID” property, please fill contact the real estate agent representing the property. You will find contact information for the agent on each property page. Your request is sent to the agent directly. Pricing and terms of any bid/offer to purchase are subject to Seller’s approval.